Alma Moreno’s Lawyer Bars Media from Interviewing His Client

almaAlma Moreno has successfully obtained a court order prohibiting any member of the press from interviewing her, especially reporters and journalists who plan to ask her difficult questions, Atty. Serapio Constantino said on Monday.

On November 11, 2015, the actress and senatorial hopeful leave Filipinos scratching their heads with her viral TV interview where she found herself tagged by Karen Davila’s questions.

After the catastrophic interview, the actress’ advisers suggested her to stay away from the media and concentrate on what she can do.

Parañaque judge Glicerio Cruz granted her a court order that would protect her from difficult questions during the interview.

The court order also gave her the option to reject or accept any interview invitations.

On Friday, her legal counsel Atty. Constantino prohibited members of the press from taking closer steps towards her.

“We have to do this in order to avoid any tragedy that may cause by Ms. Moreno. We cannot afford to have her answer the media carelessly. We have to make sure everything is in order while the Election Day is approaching”, Constantino said.

“On behalf of Ms. Moreno, I am sorry to say that her plans and platform of government will remain secret until she voted as senator”, he added.


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