Agot Isidro: I suffered Emotional Abuse When I was Young

After calling President Rodrigo Duterte “psychopath”, actress Agot Isidro is being bombarded by the president’s supporters and even digging her personal records online.

The actress’ comment to the president is considered by many as overactive, unnecessary, and extremely rude.

“She must prepare herself for continuous bombardment from us”, a Facebook user MJ said referring to Isidro.

Agot Isidro during her earlier days admits in her Wikipedia page that she suffered emotional abuse from her siblings.

Her Wikipedia page says:

Isidro grew up in Marikina along with her parents and siblings. She is the youngest among the girls and considered herself as “daddy’s girl”. Growing up, she never saw herself as beautiful because of her ethnic features as a child. Isidro was skinny, dark-skinned, black hair, and has knobby knees compared to her siblings who were light-skinned and has brown hair. Because of her looks, she was teased a lot by her siblings and relatives, which left her emotionally scarred.

Although Isidro finished Magna Cum Laude in New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology, it does not hide the fact that the actress lost control of herself criticizing Duterte without considering the consequences.

Only time can tell if when Duterte supporters stop getting back at her and she should hold herself together in order to survive emotionally. /Abeb Zubiri/


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