13 Reasons why the Likes of Risa Hontiveros, other Activists Sucks

Activism is career and not just a cause. Most people who come from middle class do it not because of their principles alone, but because they want to make a career and live with it.

Regardless of everything, activism sucks and here’s why the Filipino social and political activists are worst.

Activists makes money in several ways and some items below explains how.

1. Being a resource speaker selling his crooked principle to gullible people. One way for an activist to make money is to be a resource speaker in related organizations. This is how the CPP/NPA/NDF started. While resource speakers are being paid, they also deliver their thoughts free while everything is under their control. They are free to convince people to believe their theories and principles.

2. Activist groups play at people’s emotions to deceive them and get donations. Biggest non-profit organizations around the world are operated by activists. Whether it is social, political, or environmental NGO, its main source of fund is through donations. But how these activists rake donations? Simple – they feed people wrong information and when people believe in them, they’ll get donations.

3. Activist groups can say whatever the heck they want to with no repercussions, no check on reality, and no accountability. Whatever brings the cash in.Whether they go out on streets, on radio, on TV, or over the Internet, they can say what they want to say as long as they make money. Activists are seldom met with repercussions.

4. Activists extort money from those they harass. Some companies or high-profile people just let the money talk instead of bringing the issue on court. This is another way of how Filipino activists make money. They harass people, and in order for them to get silent, people pays them. Extortion at its best.

5. Activists are isolated and have limited minds. Once they lose faith, they rarely find it again in the same place. Filipino activists lose faith in Marcos, and they find difficult to find that faith in the succeeding presidents. That’s why until now the same activists are seen on streets. They are close minded and not ready for change.

6. Emotional and irrational. Heavy duty reliance on the emotional leads to silly ultra-nationalism, terrorism, social disruption, phony posturing and no classes and no studies on the campuses.

7. Absence of expertise and domain knowledge. The activists dabble in anything that catches their fancy Such efforts are generally useless and benign, but can be dangerous for society if done in excess. Mediocrity rules supreme, and trust in experts is undermined

8. Too easily manipulated. It is just too easy to create a fake pic of a God-face on a rock, or a graphic proving anything, or launch a campaign with half-truths and strong opinions. Only the manipulators are empowered, though thankfully, with the decline in the influence of these platforms, the manipulators are only looking silly school-kids now, not awe-inspiring conspirators.

9. Panders to lowest common denominators. This is a big problem. Huge. Imagine a situation when there are tensions between two countries – social media activists would ensure that a war does take place. Then they would shed croc tears over the innocents killed, and blame all and sundry for the mess.

10. Limited reach. Reach is touted to be the biggest strength of social media. But that is a myth. These platforms are populated exclusively by a section of the aspirational, often frustrated, middle-class. These are not the people who generally vote or participate in street demonstrations. Language and digital divide is no doubt the biggest handicap, but attitudes are no less responsible for turning many people away.

11. Cowardice and snobbery. It is the medium of the coward. People who are afraid of confronting their tormentors directly find this medium convenient to vent their ire. But soon their ire turns against all and sundry, and they start to revel in becoming ‘rebels with multiple causes’. Unfortunately, such rebels have started to make an appearance in society outside of the social media networks, sowing confusion and muddying the already confused state of our affairs.

12. Assists in faking of information, emotions. People are faking emotions, personality, facts, photos… anything, with glee. Attacking icons, respectable leaders, companies, cooking up conspiracy theories, proposing dubious solutions – they are hardly the material on which we can build our future.

13. Self-seeker egotist. Build their career with the expense of others. Seasoned activists planned their career ever since they started being an activist. Ask Risa Hontiveros, Teodoro Casiño, Etta Rosales, Walden Bello, and other current and past Party List Representatives how they reached their goal. They use people to make their dreams come true.

Filipino activists are the lowest class of people on Earth… /Raul Curaza, Gina Magtibay contributed to this article/ Other sources –The Farmers Daughter, Few Fleeting Moments/


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